Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Learning to create Turkish food!

My husband, Cemal, is from Turkey and now is challenging me to learn how to create his favorite dishes at home. This has been somewhat interesting and difficult due to the fact that most recipes are written in Turkish (which I don't speak yet) and his understanding of how cooking and baking works is limited. While my first dish (sarma) was not a complete failure it failed to live up to his Mom's. Tonight I made Pogaca, which is a yeast bread that is sometimes filled with cheese and herbs. After watching a Youtube demo (in Turkish) and then finding a recipe in English and arguing with my husband about which recipe to use, I finally got down to the business of mixing and making Pogaca. Utilizing what we had in the house, I substituted provolone cheese for goat cheese and rosemary for poppy seeds. The only complaint is there wasn't enough salt in the recipe even though I doubled it. The provolone added to the taste however I would probably use creamy swiss or goat cheese next time. The upside is now I know that I can make this relatively quickly for those days that I don't pick up bread at the market.